Monday, March 17, 2008

Vadrum makes Super Mario, Your ring tones or William Tell *Pazzesco!!!

(* that's "crazy" in Italian if you haven't figured it out yet!)

Vadrum is Andrea Vadrucci, an amazing drum monster from Italy. (Although he looks like any other college student from New Brunswick, NJ. Which, is not a bad thing. All that really means is that I'd feel comfortable hanging out with him at a bar and talking about how he should do some drums on some Megaman songs.)

Asides from being a gifted drummer, Vadrum has ridiculous taste and has an odd way of showing off his amazing talent. However, it's his sense of humor about things that makes me dig this guy. Sure he could just post videos of him covering some insane death metal tracks but somewhere in his crazy head, he's like "I should totally recording myself drumming to 8bit tracks and classic themes. Mom, where's the camera!?"

It's this sort of left of center thinking I can get on board with. Check out more Vadrum videos at his website or check him out on his Myspace.

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