Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ladies and Gents: Crystal Castles

Do I have a thing for boy/girl bands? Maybe I do? Crystal Castles may be a little bit too loud for your mother. But, looking at you, I think you'll love their trashy, electro, 8 bit audio love child, yeah?

Crystal Castles (Myspace) have been gaining a lot of steam all over the country as well as the UK for all their touring there (Americans get ready, they are hitting the States for a bit before heading back over yonder). They've already proven to your cooler, older sister that they are not only good at rocking their own parties, but have done plenty of fun remixes of their own.

Crystal Castles - Crimewave (CC vs HEALTH)
Crystal Castles - Knights
Uffie - Make It Hott (Crystal Castles remix)

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