Monday, March 17, 2008

Before you were famous, you did break dancing videos.

First of all, to me, the most important thing that ever happened in the 80's asides from popping out my mom's womb, was the explosion of the hip hop culture. Sure new wave is fun to goof around to at a 80's party, but hip hop was far and away the most important milestone of the 80's. (However, you have to credit new wave for inspiring the "electro" scene that Afrika Bambaataa pioneered!)

Here's our good friend Mark Vincent breaking it down and teaching you some moves. Mark Vincent is better know as this gentleman:

And while this video may be old news to some, these may not be:

Who is that dancing with Michael? Can you guess?

If you said Alfonso Ribeiro, you have an amazing eye ma'am/sir! But, good old Carlton did not stop there. Before he was dancing to Apache with Will Smith, he not only taught you how to break and pop, he was looking to sell you his secrets! Beat that!

Stack that up against current deals now a days and that's something. Let's see Ron Popeil give you a deal like that... But, if seeing muscle bound, closet nerd Vin Diesel six step or seeing Carlton sell you a breaking mat sort of freaks you out, I assure you, you are not ready for this:

It's exactly what you think it is. The Jackson 5. And Dom DeLuise. Don't try making any sense of it because you never will.


Anonymous said...

nice on the alfonso video

that's a real nice hosted by tripod image, you bought hosting, you might as well use it!!

Sheena She said...

not to mention his sweet moves in fresh prince. lol.

TrippyJing said...

And of course, the scene in Breakin' where Jean Claude Van Damme is dancing in the background.

Samantha said...

Carlton does one hell of a moonwalk, wow! haha