Thursday, March 20, 2008

Remember Piebald?

You won't hear me talking about a lot of rock music on here considering I stopped listening to the genre a few years ago when I realized all I want to do is live in a world surrounded by robots that are also synthesizers and drum machines. However, somtimes you dip back into the nether reaches of your iTunes library and you find something that used to be one of your favorite albums.

Piebald (Myspace) used to be a band I listened to all the time. They've recently broken up so they won't be there to lead the charge the one day I might decide to start listening to rock bands again.

What I loved about these guys is that they were very tongue in cheek and didn't seem to take themselves very seriously. Just a buncha dudes from Boston bopping around and make rock music that was fun to listen to and sometimes even laugh at. Take a walk down memory lane with me.

(EDIT: As Mike posted in the comments, the 3 shows they have next month are actually their farewell shows. Aw nuts!)

Piebald - King Of The Road
Piebald - Long Nights
Piebald - Look, I Just Don't Like You

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Mike said...

Those are, um, their farewell shows. Sorry to say.