Sunday, March 16, 2008

Designed By Humans! Destroy all T-shirts!

Designed by Humans (link) is much like every other user created t-shirt design company however, not only is the art featured on their t-shirts better than most upstart companies out there, the designs are actually wearable (unlike a certain company). In addition, DBH goes out of their way to not only make the shirts cheaper for people to purchase, but actually dishes out more money to the artists whose designs get chosen. You also get A TON of neat little extras when your shirt gets shipped out to you. (stickers, high 5s and wishes... well, at least stickers)

Two very up and coming friends from the West Coast are now trying to stake their claim at DBH so you should totally check them out!

First is Corey Lewis (Myspace). Corey is best know for a comic book called Sharkknife (Myspace), a tale of a busboy who turns into a super powered, high top sneaker wearing , kung fu bad ass that saves his restaurant from recipe stealing monsters. Corey is also the founder of GingerBox (link), a web forum that houses the new doodles and conversations about art and entertainment among some of the world's best indie comic artists. Along with working with Oni Press and doing shorts for the new Street Fighter comics, Corey's been dipping into t-shirt design.

One of his first shirts, the Mecha Naga Buddha (DBH), actually became a winning design and is now ready for print! Check out and vote for Corey's other shirts on his DBH profile.


Also tearing up the eyes and votes of users at DBH is Jason "JFish" Fischer (Myspace). JFish started making a name for himself by custom designing fish pillows of all sizes. They sold like... fishcakes? He further dipped his hand in other things by working with Blood Is The New Black (link) and doing murals and selling prints (store link). Asides from being an avid photographer, he's also starting an artbook called Fine Literature (Myspace).

JFish has tons of great tongue in cheek designs looking for more votes. They are all so good I can't wait to see which one makes it as a real design first!

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those are awesome shirts !!