Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Oh, Maria Bamford!

Let me tell you, I love women.

Asides from boobs and butts, can I tell you personality plays a big factor in my big old heart? It's true! And Maria Bamford (Myspace) has one hell of a personality! Or judging by all the voices she makes, maybe she has more than one.

Female comedians put together maybe two of my favorite types of people together: females and comedians. Maria is so good at being the "awkward comedian" it's almost as if she made it up. While that sort of seems like a backhanded compliment, Maria takes her personality and voice and crafts it into a fine stain glass window made of bizarre life stories, an entire cast of characters and great (albeit awkward) stage presence.

Did I mention she's a lil awkward? But that's what I love about her. Plus she loves pugs so...

Maria Bamford @ Comedy Death Ray

Her set on the Comedy Deathray CD is something that without fail has made everyone we know lose it in giant giggle fits. Maria has a new CD out so check out her Myspace and buy that stuff!

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