Friday, March 07, 2008

Shintaro Kago

SAME HAT! SAME HAT! is an interesting blog that offers great scans and translations of Japanese horror and erotic-grotesque comics and more. As of late, they've posted a lot of Shintaro Kago. While my love for gore extends about as far as anything that involves zombies, Kago has such an interesting take on how to present comics that it's something you just need to see.

Here's Same Hat's entire scanlation of ABSTRACTION.

Same Hat has also been presented on NotCot!
(thanks to me of course!)


ginamarr said...

holy sheet. i was just looking at the other day (notcot) and i didn't even notice ur name. how did you do that? post to notcot that is?

Jeff Ramos said...

I also posted the new NY Kid Robot store story!

you can just make an account and submit stories and if they like them, they will show up on the site

Anonymous said...

abstractions is one of my favorite comics ever

ryan said...

thanks again Jeff!
Much appreciated :)

We are a few weeks away from our publisher announcing the comic I translated and have been editing... It's not Kago, but I think you'll really like it.

i appreciate the nod and the traffic!
best, ryan!

Anonymous said...


Versaute Amateure

Live Girls