Monday, March 17, 2008

Hollywood just doesn't understand us!

A lot of the time, I feel like the ones of us out there with an ounce of intelligence or taste are totally sold short. Hollywood treats us like the old school parent that doesn't understand their futuristic, text messaging, Razor scooter riding, teenage child. More often than not, we're not the demographic being catered to. Even when it's an movie adaptation of a book. Instead, Hollywood caters to the Hummer driving, Mountain Dew guzzling, Blue Collar Comedy Tour fan demographic.

Thankfully, the people who make DVDs sneak in little treats that people who can read or maybe have an art degree would care about. Or at least the kind of people who have more than two emotions. (Asleep and TOTALLY PUMPED!!!) I'm not trying to say the ending of I Am Legend catered to massive meatheads and mainstream America. Hell, even I got pumped at that last bit of action. But... then I saw the "alternate" ending to the movie. One that those who read the book claimed not only was better but was closer to the book's true ending.

Granted Hollywood will change a few things to maybe make more sense of things since movies have time constraints unlike books. But from what I heard, there were plenty of things that were changed for no apparent reason. did a great write up about this alternate ending as well as going into a bit of detail about certain meaningless changes Hollywood did during the adaptation of the story.

Check it out and tell me what you think about the different ending.


?uestionmark said...

sorry man. i read the book. and even that ending still doesnt cut it.

Jeff Ramos said...

as far as a book to movie translation goes, being done by hollywood no less, what can you expect.

for what it's worth, i still think the original hollywood ending does a disservice to the original tone of the book.

the book will always beat the movie. what can you do?