Monday, May 26, 2008

Kobe Vs. Snakes

Not content with jumping over Aston Martins, Kobe Bryant decides to get some help from the Jackass crew and jump a pool of snakes.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

DVNO at a roller disco.

If you don't know who DVNO from Scenario Rock is, check out the track he did with Justice:

Here's a great remix of one a Scenario Rock track that reminds me of a super fun roller disco. Not one from the past, but one that might be happening right now. In the year 2000.

Scenario Rock - Perfect Love Antidote (BoBmo First Remix)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

This is seriously why I need to get back into breaking...

Does life not get any better than this?

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Rinpa is a Japanese crew of graffiti artists that do these great time lapse animations. This is my favorite by far:

Friday, May 16, 2008


I heard of Blu, the wall painting animator a while ago. I saw this video and was completely floored by the effort and the creativity.

And then, there was this:

For me the leap into seeing only these two videos was like witnessing Michael Angelo Batio being born and then a few months later, seeing this:

Thursday, May 15, 2008


France and Denmark making some digital love.

Alphabeat - Digital Love (Daft Punk cover)

NEW TRACK by The Vodkadets

My band The Vodkadets uploaded a new song! Please check it out here!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

La Pequeña Campaign Trail

I'm trying so hard not to make a "thank the little people joke" right now.

THE TING TINGS: Streaming the new album!

MTV and VH1 are now streaming their new album! Check it out now before you push old women out the way at the record shop to get it when it drops next week!

LADIES AND GENTS: The Ghost Frequency

It's very rare that a band comes out of nowhere and kicks my ass. It's a very welcome sensation and The Ghost Frequency (Myspace) will do it with a smile and then invite you over to watch a zombie movie. Speaking of which, give the fellows an add on Myspace. They make the general band posts and every so often they even post a favorite monster movie clip. Oh, and they also make music fusing a great mix of dance rock elements, synths and flesh eating.

The Ghost Frequency - Nightmare
The Ghost Frequency - Money On The Fire (demo)


Enon (Myspace) has to be one of my favorite bands ever. They have that sort of fun indie rock attitude that would make you want to beg them to play all your house parties. Also, I've never been more infatuated with just a woman's voice before but then I heard Toko Yasuda. Can you marry someone's voice? I wonder. (Their male singer John Schmersal is also very awesome!)

Enon - Daughter In The House Of Fools
Enon - Utz
Enon - Knock That Door
Enon - Tilt You Up
Enon - Disposable Parts
Enon - Mirror On You

Johnny Lee does it again.

The man is a brainiac. The concept of automatic projector calibration may not immediately seem like that profound of an idea, but keep tuned to the video. It has some mindblowing applications.

GTA4 on SNL?

It happened!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Monday, May 12, 2008

Ladies And Gents: teenagersintokyo

Call me a sucker for a good old Australian girl dance rock band. Swing by their Myspace, buy their ep, look at their cute pictures and just keep dancing.

teenagersintokyo - Ended It Tonight

NATHANIEL: Greatest kid ever.

I swear, this kid needs to be in The Jabbawockeez.

MORE TECH GENIUS: The Adobe Light Field Camera

Adobe (the guys you steal Photoshop from) are now venturing into something you can't download. Their multilense camera enables users to have "the sharphest shooting camera ever." The multiple lenses focus on EVERYTHING all at once allowing the user to adjust their focus in post production, rather than prior to their shot. More here.

Mind = blown.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Johnny Lee is a (Wii) genius!

Johnny Lee (website) is a young tech student with some brilliant ideas. When he's not making giant paint balloon slingshots or low cost brain-computer interaction software, he's playing with his Wii. Johnny reversed the intended purpose of the Wiimote to figure out how to make a low cost head tracking VR display for less money than that new t-shirt from Urban Outfitters.

And while Johnny's Tony Stark genius may impress young fellows like you and I, he was asked to show off some of his new hacks and ideas at TED 2008 Conference (what's TED you ask?) Watch as Johnny blows the minds of the attendees of this year's conference (most of whom are probably twice his age.)

God bless people who use their brains for good. Let's just hope Johnny never moves over to the side of evil!

I <3 Mac OS

Great video for The Bird and the Bee (Myspace) by Dennis Liu utilizing all of the fun stuff that makes up Mac OS Leopard.

I never lose.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

It's a comic. But it's a blog too!

VERY interesting concept. A page-per-post blog that is more blog than comic. It just started so bookmark and read on. More goodness from Lamar here.

This may be the best website ever.
This month's muxtape: Dance Rock!

Words can't describe.

No... nooo noooo.

Friday, May 09, 2008

My name is Nathaniel

I sometimes cannot wait to have a child.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Imagine Brad Pitt played Alexander The Great

Tadanobu Asano is Japan's answer to actors like Brad Pitt. Unlike the male half of Brangelina, Asano takes on all sorts of roles from being cast in odd movies to major productions like MONGOL. Asano and award winning Russian Director Sergei Bodrov take on the story of Genghis Khan to illustrate his life not that of a war crazy general, but an inspiring and influential leader. As one of the greatest leaders of all time, it's set to be a pretty epic tale focused more on his life and the events that shaped him into the great leader he became.

SAMPLES: Justice + Mr. Oizo + Daft Punk

After my post about the video for Stress by Justice, I did a little more browsing on Youtube for any other great videos for Justice. Me being the fiend for finding samples, I stumbled across some great ones.

Justice - Phantom
Goblin - Tenebre

This is one my friend Chris actually came across a few weeks before the Cross album came out. He was on Netflix looking for some old horror movies to rent and he came across the video preview for an old Dario Argento movie called "Tenebre." He immediately heard the reference and he had to add it to his queue!

Justice - New Jack
The Brothers Johnson - You Make Me Wanna Wiggle

This is one I came across on Youtube and it's great. I absolutely love funk songs that sound like this. This reminds me of another amazing funk sampled in an french electro track...

It's crazy to know that one of my favorite Mr. Oizo (Myspace) tracks is less of a remix or sample of an old school disco track, but more of a retooling of it. The sample comes from Gary's Gang, a band that was famous around the time of American Bandstand. How many people in their early 20s actually know what that is?

Mr. Oizo - Patrick122
Gary's Gang - Do It At The Disco

And of course, there's this classic Daft Punk sample video

Sunday, May 04, 2008

VIDEO: Justice - Stress

I'm quite glad that Justice made this video the way they did. While all the bubblegum teeny boppers got their kicks enjoying the fun time dance party that was "D.A.N.C.E." Justice decided to reinform the general public that their music is not for you. They are not your friends. They don't want to be on your top 10 video programs and they don't want to advertise your shitty TV network. Either get on the dance floor or get the fuck out of their faces.

I love them for making this video. Also, does anyone else think those crosses are done in CG?

Here are some more Stress related treats:

David Shire - Night On Disco Mountain (2007 Remastered Saturday Night Fever LP Version) (Stress sample Origin)
Fucked Up - Stress (Heavy Metal Cover)
Justice - Stress (Autoremix)

Thursday, May 01, 2008

I can't wait until the 4th Of July

I am going to get this tattooed on my chest.

But what is this from you ask? " Maritan Shuchu Drill Kaihei 3nenseiyou" is sort of a US Marine's speak primer for Japanese nerds.

“If You Say It to Americans, for Sure, You Will Be Beaten if Not Killed”

- Anastasia Moreno, USA Marine Corp

Even better is that the book passes itself off as a workbook filled with cute characters with supposed real world terms that our very own Marines use! Check it out more here!