Sunday, March 16, 2008

Ladies and Gents: Lasse Gjertsen

His videos speak for themselves. Lasse clearly has a camcorder, some interesting ideas and way too much time on his hands. If you've ever done any sort of video editing, especially editing in time with any music or sound, you could imagine just how long all of this took. Regardless, this crazy Norwegian outdoes himself simply using a drum kit and piano. While the video is amazing in itself, it's even more impressive that he has no idea how to actually play either instrument in real life.

Lasse's original "Hyperactive" beatbox video apparently was so popular that one of my favorite sitcom's, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (FX Networks) decided to copy the idea for one of their promos.

You can tell they were definitely making an homage to Lasse's video by their choice of background. Actually, this is not the only time they've copied someone for one of their promos...

If you read my blog you may know I am a huge Justice (Myspace) fan. If you know their award winning video for "We Are Your Friends," then the above may seem familiar. If you've never seen the video, here it is:

If you'd like to download the audio for Lasse Gjertsen's "Amateur," go to
It's a Norwegian page so follow this translation: Lytt = Listen to, Last Ned = Download

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