Monday, March 24, 2008


Moldover's video for Controllerism was my first real glimpse into how powerful and creative Live can be. Moldover has a library of obsessively detailed samples set up in a way that at his whim he can create thousands of songs and ideas all at once. His unique controller allows him to manipulate all of these at an instance giving him a very unique sound and vibe. But if you need more proof as to how great Live can be...

I think these guys proved that enough already... Live let's you do all sorts of insane live performance tweaks that an average DJ or performer cannot do. Live is a powerful recording, performance and DJing application. Moldover uses it to process, control and activate a ton sound samples and effects all with his Frankenstein controller. Daft Punk uses it to chop up and sample their own music and creative brand new mixes of their own material. And then, there's Kid Beyond.

Kid Beyond uses Live to become the epitome of the term "one man show." He can instantly live multitrack his own beat boxing, sample himself in real time, add effects and call up loops from earlier in his set all by using Live and a simple stomp box. I love DJing and I love playing music but it seems that using Live and thinking of creative ways to use sound and a controller set up can create all sorts of amazing new things.

Time to shell out some money.


Kiyoshi said...

this is nuts.
i need more laptops.

Thomas said...

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