Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My Beautiful and Random Life: LAUGH and PEACE! Edition

While I did anticipate my weekend leading into the beginning of this week being something no short of "the beginning of something new and exciting," it was anything but. More on that in the future.

I do want to touch on something great: The Internet. Because of it, I've managed to touch base with some interesting people. From rappers that worked with Jay-Z and m-flo to journalists who have hung out with some of the coolest people in the video game industry. But recently, I've actually been talking to the creative mind/s behind Laugh And Peace.

Some of you may know them from their work on Vib Ribbon, an obscure title which was one of the few notable titles, among Parappa the Rapper to usher in the now popular "rhythm game" genre. Asides from the games innovative gameplay which centered entirely around the music, the game featured a very quirky Japanese pop soundtrack, of course provided by Laugh and Peace.

Back in 2005 I made a small music project named HYPERCOLOR, named after the early 90s color changing t-shirts of the same name. It was just random electronic music I made for school. Earlier in 2007, I wanted to change the name for a future Japanese pop inspired music project. For that, I changed all my influences on the page to reflect my favorite Japanese musicians. One of them being Laugh and Peace.

A few weeks ago, they sent me a message to ask if they can send a friend request and to thank me for being inspired by them. I immediately accepted and since then we've been talking about equipment, remixes, my future turntable purchases, Masaya Matsuura's old band PSY-S and other awesome topics. Earlier today I was shown this video:

Rei Harakami - Nijizou (Rainbow Elephant)

The guy (I am not sure which one of the two I am speaking to) said they were influenced by this guy and to really take note of him because he does all his music with a very old keyboard from 1994. He wanted to make a point to me that the equipment so much doesn't matter. It's the idea and creativity of the artist that is really worth note.

The video is something I really appreciate as far as whatever Japanese media I tend to enjoy. The simple and quirky visuals, the tie in between music and images and the way the music is composed. He really hit the mark and I am excited to see more from Rei Harakami.

For what it's worth, I seem to make amazing connections with people without trying. I mean, is it pure coincidence that a year before I decided I want to vacation in Japan next year, I not only am seriously (and I mean seriously!) starting up in music and I all of a sudden get to talk to one of my major influences? My life has always been surprisingly random and more so surprisingly... well, surprising! I am definitely going to try and see how this is going to fit in my life. I believe in fate, luck and karma more than any other force in the universe so I feel as though I am meant to make the best of this and see where it goes. As of late, things have been going less than perfect, but, I always find a way to turn things around with the most amazing luck and timing.

As far as I see it, things can only get better!

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