Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Mo' Money Mo' Money Mo' Money: Automotive Edition!

Alas, the Fjord Centaur has seen it's last ride. To it's credit, it was last seen delivering me to my brand new (used!) pair of Technics 1200s! Dear Centaur, you have served me well, believe that! As my first car, I loved you so. For a year straight, I got into one minor fender bender, one parking ticket and no speeding tickets. You'll be missed!

In your place, shall be a Dodge Intrepid. Known as a car that actually has serviced as police vehicle in some states, I can say, I am not only kicking ass on the road, I am kicking ass like a crime fighter. As corny as this may sound, the fact that this car is so fast, has such great acceleration and drives so smooth, everything else feels so much smoother and faster. I know, it sounds corny, but after driving a car that made driving from 0 to 30 feel like I was wasting a 1/4 of a tank of gas to a car that can do it like it automatically rolls down its windows, it feels great.

Taking this car of course means spending more money that I don't have, but, I feel a lot better on the roads. I feel like I am driving something that is not pushing itself on the highway driving 80mph and switching lanes. Granted I rarely drive like a speeding asshole on the road, I just hope that driving a vehicle better suiting for such actions will not lead me to do so. The most dangerous/stupid thing I do when I drive is speed on straight aways but ONLY if other people are. I am never the fastest person on the road. I've driven an entire year not getting a speeding ticket and I'd like to keep it that way forever.

But this new car comes with new things: 1) New 90 day workout and health challenge with my brother with the conclusion the day after my 23rd birthday. 2) New full on hobby and hopeful side job: DJing. After a few more purchases, I'll have all I'll ever need to DJ anywhere, any time with an infinite library to choose from. Of course, that also means being broke until that all happens. That also means working over time on other things. Sacrifices for future glory really. 3) There's other things on the horizon too: at least three different music projects, a full art book done with fellow artists and friends and hopefully some clothing / accessory design further down the road.

At this point, I really have the rest of 2007 planned out. It's just time to get the nose to the grindstone and take over the future. For now, I need to sleeeep.

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