Thursday, June 28, 2007

DJing feels euphoric!


So, I finally got a mixer (a Behringer DJX700) and since one of my turntables needs to have it's tonearm checked and re-wired, I am spinning on one turntable and playing MP3s through my first channel via my laptop. And since I don't have Serato, I have a few Ed Banger records and a bunch of these electronic records (Adam Freeland and other assorted shit like Republica's "Ready To Go") so I've been mixing electronic music for the past hour.

And even though it's far from my favorite genre, lord almighty it feels AWESOME to mix live. Even better that I am spinning things on a record I never heard (3 LP version of Adam Freeland's "Tectonics") and mixing it with mp3s out of my iTunes library on the fly. Beat matching is not THAT hard. Although getting an mp3 to try and play in time with a record is kind of tough since there's a small bit of latency when you unpause. (Matching a record to an mp3 playing is a lot easier than I imagined.)

Cueing records isn't so hard too and it's fun bobbing around and trying to make beats match. I am doing things in phasing. Like when I decided to learn scratching. I'd learn one technique and use only that throughout a few songs. Then the next day, learn a new one and mix them up. I am doing that with mixing too. I am simply just trying to fade songs together and do simple beat matching in my head. Nothing fancy. It's going to be a lot harder to try and find tracks to beat match with on the fly, but the more I read up on DJing and the more I experiment, I know I'll get it going.

But for now, I FEEL SO AWESOME.

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