Friday, September 05, 2008

Things I'll be happy to leave in NJ: #1 NJ Drivers

Being half Asian, I may not be one to talk about how people drive. However, if I have to complain about how people drive on the daily, clearly there are worse drivers out there other than myself.

Whether it's the brood of morons packed into a mini van or even weirder, a larger family in a 2 door car that seem to drive more carelessly proportionate to the amount of family members that are in the car or maybe the white kids, not the Asian kids that drive in poorly "riced out" cars and park outside Burger Kings or other places with large parking lots or maybe the young girls on cellphones driving huge ass SUVs that men three times their size probably don't drive or maybe it's the skinny punk kids with his dad's 20 year old BMW that drive like they own the road simply because "it's a BMW" or the tons of morons who do simply illegal things while driving that really fucking irk me.

I don't know why but things like blocking intersections, not signaling when you're making a right turn in the suburbs, not signaling when you decide to cut me off on the highway, parking in handicap spaces when you're not handicapped, double parking in the middle of a one way street, parking outside the lines or taking up two spaces, driving slow in the left lane or just driving below speed limit anywhere is something I cannot wait to never have to deal with.

I feel like a massive weight and nuisance will be lifted off my shoulders living in a major city. Even though most of the world considers driving a privilege, most of us know that financially, emotionally and environmentally, it's a pain in the ass, especially for New Jersey drivers. Car insurance alone is such a kick in the wallet that I can't imagine how fun it will be to save that much extra money a month. My car insurance alone will equal 1/3 of my rent in Brooklyn. And without having to pay ridiculous gas prices, that's roughly 2/3 of my rent right there saved. Of course the health benefits of walking and biking everywhere will be great too. It'll definitely help hold back the eventual beer belly I'll further gain by using that extra money a month on stocking my fridge with tons and tons of booze.

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hello jupiter said...

dont leave me baby. ahhhhhh i'm so sad. :(