Sunday, May 11, 2008

Johnny Lee is a (Wii) genius!

Johnny Lee (website) is a young tech student with some brilliant ideas. When he's not making giant paint balloon slingshots or low cost brain-computer interaction software, he's playing with his Wii. Johnny reversed the intended purpose of the Wiimote to figure out how to make a low cost head tracking VR display for less money than that new t-shirt from Urban Outfitters.

And while Johnny's Tony Stark genius may impress young fellows like you and I, he was asked to show off some of his new hacks and ideas at TED 2008 Conference (what's TED you ask?) Watch as Johnny blows the minds of the attendees of this year's conference (most of whom are probably twice his age.)

God bless people who use their brains for good. Let's just hope Johnny never moves over to the side of evil!

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