Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ladies and Gents: The Young Punx

Dancey electro house is an odd beast. For a genre meant to make you want to get up, get down and have fun, it has run itself into a bit of a problem. Once one too many producers figured out just how easy it was to copy those simple, yet infectious grooves, the genre became stale. Soon all the funky basslines, guitar riffs, vocal samples and synth chord progressions became commonplace and it became hard to give a shit about new house tracks.

While The Young Punx (Myspace) aren't reinventing the genre or revolutionizing it, they are bringing the cheeky fun of dance music back to the floor. They are keeping their kick drums heavy, their guitar riffs funky, making sure the bass is going to shake plenty of hips and pitch shifting their vocal samples up a few octaves. It also helps that The Young Punx get most of their tracks remixed by some great producers giving their tracks and even stronger boost in the fun department.

Even people who write in "magazines" love these guys. Look at some words they wrote:

"Future superstars" - Galaxy FM
"Essential" - DJ Mag

The Young Punx - Dance With Someone Else (Phunk Investigation remix)
The Young Punx - Fire (Phonat Mix) Web Promo Version

You can also get a tons of free MP3s from the fellas at their website.

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