Wednesday, December 10, 2008

[mp3] [party] COME ALIVE.

My pal Ryan aka DJ Robbie Loggia (Mr. Loggia would be the gentleman in this clip that's NOT Tom Hanks.) is having his first big party tomorrow at Royal Oak in Williamsburg.

The party promises to be a big smash filled with music untypical of most of the 'Burg's parties (classic hip hop and funk spun together with electro and house bangers.). Royal Oak is a great venue located right next to McCarren Park. The place has a large lounge and bar area, a huge dance floor with plenty of lounge seating and a small room with a foosball table separating the two. What's not to love?!

Get a taste of Robbie Loggia with his remix of The Vrigins' "Rich Girls."

The Virgins - Rich Girls (Robbie Loggia Loungebass Remix)

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